The apples are heaviest now.

Weighing long heaving branches slow and steady.

Closer to the ground.

Ripe for picking:::

picking some

:::slower evenings and cattails

The Summertime

left us quick in one fleeting sundown

and now it is here:

This first day of Falling.


and we sit there under the tree when the light in the morning feels more golden and sweet and dripping

The bees busy with honey have settled resting under the sedum flowers

and the sunflower droops quiet petal- leaving and leaning yearning into the slipping light

and we can smell it on the air

with one hand pulling the sweater out of the closet and closer in the breeze

the way it is now

when yesterday it was one last swim in lily- pad water with ducks gathering far

thunderstorms on a dry porch and the sound of the paddle slicing the stream

and today it is tucking away warm memories

to open up

and dust off when the frosty page is turned back to a pumpkin

and this is what it is:::

a picnic quilting grass and lemonade turning to

orange blaze

and a cup steaming heat rising over

the dashboard and a doughnut before an

earliest morning

on a walk in just- awake woods

crackling leaves underfoot

and this is what it is:::

crackling flames searing marshmallows and summer stories turning to

the first fire burning on August sweat- split wood

warming hands and


when we learn schooling things and life things and God things

and this is what it is:::

when fast has slowed down to watch the sun settle sooner


stews simmer sleepy on the stove


we take our time to see

old things fade and Fall

with hope for new Springing




and this is what it is:::

the way the blossoms bloomed


on a branch

turning to

this rich fruit

laden- down abundant

sweet in season…


to fall in hoping hands…

oh, what,

oh, what will we do with this harvest?

If you remain in Me and I in you, you will bear much fruit… +John 15

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