My Life

Thankful, I pray, FOR all things, big and small; THROUGH all things, easy and difficult… no matter what.

I pray to be an unabashed follower of Jesus firstly; a Godly, loyal, loving and content wife secondly (with a bit of laughing); and a mother that nurtures, plays, cuddles and grows her kids with a compassion for others, an appreciation for the outdoors and a love for the Truth.


I am recently a stay at home mom, who stopped working as a junior high teacher at a Native American reservation after 13 years. I loved, loved, loved being a teacher and I adored my students, but the Lord has called me to stay home with my little ones and I am now living a more peaceful, more messy, quite interesting, slower-paced (????), less organized life… but this is exactly where I need to be and I am excited about the adventure!

I live in the Woods with my husband and two little ones on a road that boasts too many logging trucks in a little house on a hill.  We have a dog, a cat, a rabbit and a catfish and a sincere hope for a sprinkling of chickens someday.

I ride dirt roads singing really loud and off-key, stuff the wood stove full, despise putting away laundry and loading the dishwasher, dream of traveling, try my hand at bear hunting, write poetry, adore snow and using my crockpot, go to the woods and water for refreshment, like antiques and Charlotte’s Web, going swimming and reading about God and His amazing grace, prefer dim lights and tablecloths for dinner, enjoy planning little get-togethers with a theme, choose cold, brisk weather rather than hot, am the only one in my family that eats guacamole and goat cheese, and gets super- happy about four-wheeling and feather-finding.

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