My Loves


My husband, Pete:

Is strong and courageous with his love, makes me laugh at his corny jokes and silly dancing, prays with our babies and melts my heart, takes me hunting and fishing, loves Reese’s peanut butter cups and the Red Sox, listens to old country music and reads Popular Mechanics, grows really amazing raspberries, is so wise especially when I need it, won’t let me have chickens (yet) and is most at home in the woods.

My little one, Maeryn:

Loves reading animal stories and listening to traditional hymns (Come Thou Fount is her favorite), talks way more to lots of people than any of the rest of us, sleeps in a sea of stuffed toys and oh so many blankets, is loving and kind and always thinking, dresses in sequins whenever she gets a chance, rides horses and eats lots of strawberries and carrots instead of chocolate, is interested in geography and make up and rocks, and makes her momma laugh with her wit.

My little one, Nathanael (or Buddy, as Maeryn named him in utero):

Cuddles whenever he can, chases the cat too much, knows every construction machine that rolls down the road, plays with Play-Doh for hours, sings This is the Day that the Lord Has Made with gusto, swings his sword and you must get out of the way, loves sticks and mud and loud trucks with big tires, will do anything to watch Max and Ruby, is loud and wonderful and eats too much chocolate and is shy and topped with curls, and makes his momma smile with his brown eyes and funny faces.

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