Rest in the hallway

The thought lodged in my heart in my strong place this morning.

Today, my strong place came in the middle of my dim hallway, lugging a load of laundry, being followed by a boy dressed as a knight in Narnia looking for Aslan and a cat-lion nipping at my heels waiting to be fed.

My strong place.

When I see clearly, like it is the first time I open my eyes and breath in light and catch my deep breath.

A strong place arrives in the clarity of Him.

Strong strength.

His strong strength that swallows me in love while simultaneously swallowing my fear like it has no place to nestle in His arms anywhere near me.

Because His arms are enough and His roar diminishes worry and His sheep fall down grazing on His grace and glorifying His mighty-King name.

Where does worry have room there?

:::::::::::::::::::::::::: the beauty of His mercy on us.

… weep no more; behold, the Lion… has conquered… +Revelation 5:5

It came to me in that hallway, while waiting to open the next door to rid myself of the heavy load of…

:::::: laundry?

The thought, so simple, so piercing, so stopping and peace-filling:::

I have what I need for right now.

In this place. In the hallway. While I wait. While I open doors. While I close doors. While I breathe.

I have what I need for right now.

Because He says so.


because He says so.

::::::::::::::::::::::::::if I believe… In my strong place and in my weak place and in my hallways.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe. +Proverbs 18:10

Today, I have what I need.

Today, the world spins and distractions slobber ugly teeth before my eyes

and in my ears

and through my mind…

And I breathe shallow and I break slow…

Until I break :::::::on my knees

and I whisper-exhale::: Yahweh.

Strong strength in a name like that One.

Yahweh-shammah: “God is there.”                            (+Ezekiel 48:35)

God is there.

In my moment right now.

In my yesterday.

In my tomorrow.

In my


And I rest.

In knowing. In the believing?

::::::yes, in the believing.

The Lamb slain for us.

::::::::::::::::::::::: deepest love.

The Lion who conquered.

:::::::::::::::::::::::: fiercest love.

A worship-whisper that spills us free:



He is already there.

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