Like her…


Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God… Luke 18

And she danced.

Brimming in sequins and joy.

Hands swaying about her head: singing off key and just perfectly all at the same time:

gilded in gold boots and heavenly peace.

Uncommon she is to me.

But I want to be like her.

The way she sparkles in her laughter when her very favorite song plays just for her:

The way she stomps her foot down for something she believes true:

The way she faithfully prays through her verses and lets them fill her up:

The way she chatters away about the sun and the woods and moon rising:

The way she gets hurt and says so aloud and finds comfort and picks herself up:

The way she bursts in happiness when she has been generous and giving and sacrificing:

The way she loves with purpose:

The way she asks a million questions and looks for answers and seeks them out until she knows:

The way she dances:

Unabashedly dances.




This life.

She is dancing.

I want to dance like her.

Shining with glitter and faith.


Today, for a little bit:

::::::::: just


2 thoughts on “Like her…

  1. YES! Beautiful, Brooke. You caused me to remember with joy when my son, Evan, imagined aloud how I would be free of this broken body and able to do back flips in Glory Land. How precious to envision it through her!

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