With the sun

02soft glow

She shouted out for me in the early morning, when my eyes were still sleepy and hers were open and bright.
She bounded from her room to mine, the boys already up and getting juice and chatting and talking Thomas the Train and big, big deer.
She got into my bed quickly, snuggling next to me, wiping her hair out of her face and sharing my pillow.
I love you, Mommy.
Good morning, Momma.
Hug me, Mommy.
I like cuddling with you today.
Oh, Baby, I like it, too.  Did you sleep well last night?
I missed you while you were sleeping.
I hope you had sweet dreams.
Of course I’ll hug you, come here.
And there we were,
And me…
Those sweet moments from a little girl who often begins her day running down the hall with a hello…
racing by her daddy and me…
…on the way to breakfast, cartoons, sprinklers, books and giggles with her brother.
Today, she spent those fleeting minutes… with her momma : :
Oh, she spent them with
Squeezing my hand and talking to me about our day and asking me for what she needs and laughing with me about her silly daddy and her curly-topped brother.
And then,
wrapped up cozy in our blankets…
As soon as the gift of her swept joyously into my view…
…she scampered away…
Busy with being six…
Navigating through the rest of her morning…
At times…
…without me.
Strawberries and yogurt.
Washing her face.
Bickering with Nathanael.
Getting into her bathing suit.
Stomping her feet.
Picking up her toys.
She came back to me a couple of times that morning, despite herself.
Hi, Momma.
Paint my nails?
Wasn’t that fun, Momma?
Yes, Baby, that was great.
I love you, too.
We smiled and sang and talked as the sun started the day…
The treasure of that moment on our hearts…
And, later, when I approached my Father, He spoke softly to my heart,
Remember to come to Me.
Like she came running to you.
First in the morning light.
Arms reaching.
Yes, Father, yes.
Before my day.
With You, all turns out better.
With You, I feel joy.
Help me, Father, to come to you first.
… smile when You see me.
I am Your child.
Waiting for me??
and He, the God of the Universe,

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