Standing in the Rain

budpuddleDriving quietly to work, with the wipers turned on intermittently, having one of those seemingly joyless beginnings…

where I woke up and the weighty world was perched precariously on my shoulder tipping me this way and that way… heavy and cumbersome…

tired and sapping…

Like everything so slippery
Like the 3 days of this rain sliding steadily from the windshield wiping away my strength…

And those few tears that slid down my cheek driving away from my house in the gray morning,
The drops that had poured on the roof and trickled…
seeped steadily into my heart over the last few days…

Leaving my children to go to work after glorious days spent :
Not grabbing the chance to love my husband in the quiet :
Pondering the dollars and the time and the misunderstandings and the transition and the travel and the dishes and the job and the writing and the questions and the Bible and the disagreements and the laundry :

In that one moment where I am still for a few moments: alone:

and the stream swells and floods in my mind :

and, oh, the weakness : : :

And when all has the possibility of crashing down,

When you think it’s crashing in that weakness that comes in the clouds that settle over hearts on days like these…

That moment, when you reach UP, to Him… and decide to STAND.

(like that song on the radio)::::

“Stand up when it’s all crashing down,
Stand your ground
You stand through the pain
You won’t drown
And one day, what’s lost can be found
You STAND in the rain…”


And you find, on a storm-tossed day, on a winding road… with wipers ridding the tears,

in the whispered hush of your heart…

earlysept 077THAT VOICE

Precious and True

Speaking softly to YOU… As only He can when your heart is foggy and mist filled…

Stand, my child,
my daughter…



In weakness, I will rescue you, I will keep you,
I will preserve you under the shadow of My wings.

“Keep me the apple of Your eye,
Hide me in the shadow of Your wings…
My steps have held fast to Your paths…
My feet have not slipped…
Wondrously show Your steadfast love…”
from Psalm 17

May you see Him lift any clouds for you, today, my friends!
Praising Him with you for His goodness in the storms,
His healing that comes… quietly and powerfully… as you stand in the midst of it all
…and put your trust, today, in He that has the victory.

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